#Nailedit: The Fashionista’s Nails Guide

The Nail Guide for Young and Stylish Professionals! – only on the Elle Scoop :)

Okay ladies, we all know it can be difficult to express our individual sense of style while leaving a professional impression in the workplace. With nail trends changing faster than Kentucky weather, it’s tough being a fashionista and a corporate gladiator all in the same breath. But with these tips, I’m sure you can do both!


When in Doubt, Stay Neutral!

Nude and neutral nail colors are essential to your “office-slay” arsenal. They give you a clean, polished look while still making a statement. Along with colors that match your skin tone i.e. beiges, tans, mochas, caramels and chocolates, it’s okay to throw in a mauve, a pastel pink, a dusty rose, or a subtle chocolate covered raspberry in the mix! Depending on your skin tone, these can also be neutral. When you think of neutral, don’t think boring. Think of colors that simply go with everything.


Let’s Talk About SHAPE Baby!!!

Now this is where your nails really turn heads (in a good way of course)! Shape is super important for my girls who want to keep it chic, interesting and fun in the workplace without being too extra. Shapes like oval, almond, ballerina/coffin, and a clean tapered square—when done CORRECTLY—can elevate your mani to a new level. (Notice, I didn’t mention the stiletto shape. Even though it’s fun and cute, those claws can be a bit of a distraction- they are more of a vacay nail shape)! The best way to keep trending shapes classy and professional is to keep them at a short to medium length. Not too long Boo! The longer your nails are, the more distracting they can be. They can get in the way especially if you type or do a lot of paperwork.

Fake It ‘til You Make It!

Next up, enhancement is the name of the game! If you’re not blessed with a set of long and strong natural nails, then some type of enhancement such as acrylic, gel, or SNS powder will help keep your mani/full set lasting longer. Nails break! Honey, it’s okay. Most of us need a little extra help. Having “fake nails” is not about being someone you’re not, it’s about getting your money’s worth. Don’t be afraid to add in an accent nail, a simple design or even studs on one or two nails for a pop of flare. Just remember, enhancements are a commitment, so upkeep is a must as they’re only temporary. Proper removal is key as well. Some people think adding acrylic ruins their nails but it’s the peeling and popping them off that causes the damage. Always soak off your enhancements to protect your natural nails!

Love Coco,

The Elle Scoop Intern


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