Elle’s Strawberry Summer Salad!

Is there anything more fulfilling than enjoying a light summer salad topped with some of your favorite fruits? Check out this delicious summer strawberry salad recipe. This Summer salad is perfect for a light weight meal when you’re on the go!… Continue Reading

What’s Jamming on Elle’s Stereo! :)

                        So ladies, here’s what I’ve been jamming in my car, at the gym, in my office etc.! I love music with different sounds and genres. Please check out and… Continue Reading

A girl’s guide to moving forward!

GET SCOOPED: All too often we allow circumstances, situations, people, broken relationships, and friendships to keep us in bondage. Friendships that went awry, misunderstandings, miscommunications etc. can often leave us in a stagnant state- unsure of what to do with the relationship and unsure how to let go of the cloud of funk that it left behind. Continue Reading

SooOoo Are you going to LOVE YOU?… or HATE YOU?

GET SCOOPED! :)) Got the feeling that things aren’t working all that great in your favor? Are your circumstances tearing down your walls of confidence and leaving you feeling far less than great about yourself? OPEN YOUR EYES. Continue Reading

“Ain’t nobody got time for that!”

GET SCOOPED!: Most of us FORGET once we get comfortable and settle into the New Year. We revert back how we use to live. We start that old “terrible complaining” again, we stop working towards moving forward, we allow that old insecurity to re-enter and rule our thoughts… If we keep it up before it’s all over, 2013 will look the same way that 2002, 2008, 2010, and 2012 looked – and in the words of SWEET BROWN – “Ain’t nobody got time for that!”
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