What’s Jamming on Elle’s Stereo! :)

                        So ladies, here’s what I’ve been jamming in my car, at the gym, in my office etc.! I love music with different sounds and genres. Please check out and… Continue Reading

A girl’s guide to moving forward!

GET SCOOPED: All too often we allow circumstances, situations, people, broken relationships, and friendships to keep us in bondage. Friendships that went awry, misunderstandings, miscommunications etc. can often leave us in a stagnant state- unsure of what to do with the relationship and unsure how to let go of the cloud of funk that it left behind. Continue Reading

SooOoo Are you going to LOVE YOU?… or HATE YOU?

GET SCOOPED! :)) Got the feeling that things aren’t working all that great in your favor? Are your circumstances tearing down your walls of confidence and leaving you feeling far less than great about yourself? OPEN YOUR EYES. Continue Reading

I Run This Show!: “Guarding My Heart!”

THE MOLLIE COLUMN!!!: As a follow up from my last post about questions after college, I thought it would be good to discuss setting boundaries for oneself. I believe we’ve all faced dissatisfying moments in life that could have been avoided just by GUARDING OUR HEARTS. Continue Reading

You HAVE to buy this CD!! – Amazing!

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GET SCOOPED!: Jonathan McReynolds is a new artist on the scene and his newest CD is topping the gospel billboard charts! I’m absolutely in love with his original sound, music and lyrics! Check out the video posts of some of his songs!!! …THE ENTIRE CD IS HOT! :) Continue Reading

Lord…If One More Thing Goes WRONG!

GET SCOOPED! Growing pains sometimes feel like the WORST pains. It can often feel like an emotional roller coaster! God has a way of breaking down what you thought you knew and revealing to you the very areas where you fall short. Growing often makes us question where we are and whether God is pleased with how close we align our lives with His. Continue Reading

Question, Questions, Questions!!!

THE MOLLIE COLUMN: With the holiday season being in full effect, you’re bound to get hit up with plenty of questions regarding life, relationships, career, finances, etc. Everybody’s getting engaged, graduating, and setting New Year’s resolutions…but in your eyes, not much is shaking for you. Don’t be discouraged and don’t hide from the crowd…God will cover you and give you the right words to say at the right time. Let’s talk about some of the topics that come up and how to eliminate the unnecessary stress. Continue Reading

Fashion4Christ: “INSIDE OUT!” :)

There have been a lot of changes since the last time I blogged. I think the month of December was my “Fashion Blues”. Sweat pants, sweatshirts and sneakers became my best friends. 75% of the month I just threw on my comfy clothes and spent time getting to know myself through the eyes of God. I got to the point where I didn’t care about fashion, makeup, consulting or anything. Continue Reading

“Ain’t nobody got time for that!”

GET SCOOPED!: Most of us FORGET once we get comfortable and settle into the New Year. We revert back how we use to live. We start that old “terrible complaining” again, we stop working towards moving forward, we allow that old insecurity to re-enter and rule our thoughts… If we keep it up before it’s all over, 2013 will look the same way that 2002, 2008, 2010, and 2012 looked – and in the words of SWEET BROWN – “Ain’t nobody got time for that!”
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#GETSCOOPED: I dont know about you all … but I like a little variety! :) One awesome fashion accessory that I’m IN LOVE WITH this season are Boot cuffs!! Prior to this season I had never seen them, so I wanted to take the time to share these with you all! :)
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