Moving to the Beat of CHANGE; pray for me

Acquiring good health will require more than a diet to help you lose weight. It will require more than exercising for thirty minutes at least five days a week. Health and Wellness requires a change in lifestyle that will help you to continuously pursue healthy living behaviors and practices resulting in total wellness throughout your life. The operative term here is change and change is hard. Continue Reading

FASHION-4-CHRIST: The Garment of Praise!

Some of us have heard the story of Rachel and Leah, the sisters that were both married to Jacob, but one (Rachel) was desired over the other. So many women see themselves as Leah and begin to behave according to their beliefs. Leah, according to scripture was tendered eyed but Rachel was beautiful and well favored! Immediately there is a separation in the household because of mans perception of beauty. SOME ESTEEM THEMSELVES HIGHER OR LOWER BASED ON THE OPINIONS OF MAN OR THEIR BIGGEST ENEMY…THEMSELVES. Continue Reading

Fashion4Christ: “INSIDE OUT!” :)

There have been a lot of changes since the last time I blogged. I think the month of December was my “Fashion Blues”. Sweat pants, sweatshirts and sneakers became my best friends. 75% of the month I just threw on my comfy clothes and spent time getting to know myself through the eyes of God. I got to the point where I didn’t care about fashion, makeup, consulting or anything. Continue Reading

Go “Natural” in the Workplace! :)

THE MOLLIE COLUMN!!! : Now that so many have ditched the relaxer, they’re left with a head full of thick curls (or knots, lol) that they don’t know how to tame; especially for the sake of the workplace and/or grad school. I have learned that there are multiple ways one can wear their hair in the workplace and still look presentable! Continue Reading

Transparency & Fashion

In a Fashion Rut?! …I pray this encourages you ladies! I’ve been having a rough time adapting financially in fashion, but it’s been a blessing! God is changing my way of thinking and my wardrobe. I find myself “checking twice” before I leave and I go through sooo many outfits, but It’s all been for my good… Check out how I’ve been handling my “FASHION RUT” :) Continue Reading

A Tidbit about Smash B!

Meet “Smash Beauty!!” Want to learn a little about The Elle Scoop’s Newest Fashion Contributor?! She’s FUN, she’s chic, and “Sold-out” for Christ! Follow her tips on FASHION and she FOLLOWS CHRIST! :) Continue Reading