So When I Turn 30…. I’ll Still Be Young, Right?


Ew. Look at her …she’s 30. Yup, that’s pretty much how I felt. For me, turning 30  feels like I being lead against my will down a road with a big RED sign that reads “OLD AND BORING,” and let’s be real, a part of me fears the outcome. Does leaving my 20’s mean leaving my glorious days of youth FOREVER? Is this the end of “Life” as I have always known it?? Will I be doomed to wear cardigans with EVERY OUTFIT? Does being 30 mean I’m sentenced to a life of sandals, boots, and pumps that never exceed a 2-inch heel?! Okay, maybe that’s a little over the top, but spending my last days in my 20’s before the BIG “Unmentionable” peaks its head in January is definitely something I’ve been dealing with, in a BIG WAY.

Despite the worry of leaving one decade to take on another, I’ve decided that sitting around sulking because God was going to hopefully bless me to see another wonderful year of life is definitely not the way to usher out the rest of the year, after all 30 won’t even hit until January of 2014!

To me, my last days of 29 should be fun, exciting and fruitful, so I decided to spend these last day learning to do something I’VE NEVER DONE! :) … That’s right; I’ve decided to challenge myself to become THE ULTIMATE GRILL MASTER! :) Haha, Chicks grill too! …but need I mention that I’ve never grilled before? I’m sure it will be a cinch (say a prayer!). In weeks to follow I’ll be grilling up EVERYTHING, so be sure to TUNE IN! :) By the way, I using a Big Green Egg Grill! 

So what does any girl do when she’s faced with such a daunting task?…  She solicits advice from her mother! Lol She would be needed to give me hands on advice on how to handle this gigantic fire machine. My First question: How does one turn on the grill?

 I found that starting the grill was easy; a little charcoal, a lighter, soaked wood chips and I was ready to go! My first experiment was: Barbequing a Boston Butt. My plan was to create one of my favorite combinations: a barbeque coleslaw sandwich! Hmmm-mmm delish! :)

Here are my results! :) Recipe at the Bottom! :)


bbq sandwichbbq3bbq



So here’s what I learned from grilling:1) Wear a hat. Trust me. If you don’t, after you finish your hair will smell like a fire pit. Gross. Lesson learned.  2.) Learn to grill in daylight. Fumbling around in the cold dark night for 3 hours is well… not the smartest idea I’ve come up with. Lol


Life Lesson I’ve learned this week: Turning 30 is like any other age (I’m sure); it’s an age to enjoy life, to have fun, learn new things and be optimistic about the future. Don’t spend the rest of your 20’s complaining about a year you’ve never seen! LOL. Sure, you’re a year older, but being 30 doesn’t mean your trading in your stilettoes for a pair of Rockports, and it doesn’t mean you’re doomed to a life of turtlenecks and hair buns either! You’re only as old as you feel! :) … So kick back, have fun, laugh, work hard, and enjoy the fruits of being able to make money and spend it the way you want! LOL. God has blessed you… don’t complain, tell Him THANK YOU!


Things you’ll need:

  • A thermometer
  • Cooking pan
  • Cast iron place setting

 Boston Butt Recipe:  

  • Salt
  • Pepper
  • Barbeque Rub

 Be sure to clean your meat well- a little salt and a little vinegar in warm water will help draw out any excess blood. Rinse well. Place meat in a cooking pan. Add salt, pepper, and barbeque rub on both sides of the meat. You’re done! (You don’t need a whole lot of extra seasonings, your soaked wood chips that you use inside the grill (i.e- apple, mesquite, etc.) will help add extra flavor to the meat. Be sure you regulate the temperature of the meat on the grill using the thermometer. You’ll know the meat is done when the temperature falls between 170 degrees and 180 degrees Fahrenheit. Cook about 3 hours.


  • Cabbage
  • Onions
  • Mustard
  • Mayonnaise (just a little)
  • Black Pepper (if you desire)
  • Salt

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  1. Elle,
    I haven’t reach the OMG I’m about to turn 30 yet. I’m still a year and a half away, but I have a question. Do you feel that there is an age where your style should change? At some point should my style say, “I’m a mature women with a future and responsibilities.” If so, what does that style look like? And are you sacrificing “style” in General when you attempt to look more mature? I’ve been thinking about changing my style so I don’t look like a teenager, but I don’t want to look like someone’s grandma either lol.

  2. Being in your twenties is all about finding yourself. Thirties is about knowing who you are and owning it!- knowing what you want and demanding it!

  3. Aisha,

    I think as we change and mature the things we like change, therefore, I see nothing wrong with adapting our style as we age. One can be fashionable at ANY age! :) I do think that certain stages in life require us to make some changes- i.e (Going from student chic to career chic, singlehood to parenthood. etc.) … but I think it’s all about maintaining our sense of self and style as we transition. If you like colors, then keep it bright and popping! If you like lots of prints or flashy jewelry then wear it! It’s all about what works for YOU! Last year, I found myself asking God to help me find “MY VOICE” in my clothes in a way that FULLY pleased and glorified HIM. Our clothes are a representation of HIM. It’s amazing to see His creative eye in our fashion choices! I encourage everyone to find themselves in their style! That’s what makes fashion fun!

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