Part II of “I Run This: Guard Your Heart!”


Part II of “I Run This: Guard Your Heart!”- The Mollie Column!!!

Sooo…in the last post, I didn’t get a chance to share all of my findings on establishing boundaries and guarding my heart.  I decided a part two was in order.  Yes, it’s really that serious! :)

Let’s dive right in! :)

In addition to the other areas we discussed, there are a few more boundaries that are important to me when it comes to living a godly life with a clear conscience and clean heart.  Always make time for yourself!  Your time is your time and you can never get it back.  I am learning that it’s important to designate specific times to indulge in the things that really matter.  For instance, spending uninterrupted time with God, fine tuning the gift that God blessed you with, reading, etc.


These designated reading or prayer times should not be compromised.  Give your undivided attention to whatever you’re doing.  You don’t have to answer a text or a phone call just because it’s someone you really want to talk to…it’s your time!  I believe this is the start to a more productive and fulfilling life.



In addition to this boundary and all others, it’s important to inform others of your boundaries.  If you don’t confront others about your boundaries, you don’t have the right to get mad at them for not knowing.  Here, consider this example.  Remember in the last post about boundaries I stated that I set a curfew for talking on the phone?  Well, what if I decided I wasn’t going to tell anyone (this actually happened, lol) and everyone continued to contact me after 10:00pm…could I be mad?  No, they didn’t know.  So, I’m saying this to say we have to confront others with our boundaries in order for them to respect them and to decrease the amount of anger and weight we carry.

This is a concept I learned from Joyce Meyer’s message, “Establishing Boundaries.”  You can view it here:



The second boundary and most difficult boundary for me is, NOT SHARING EVERYTHING WITH EVERYONE!  WHEW!  Lol…No, it’s tough for real.  I am an open book and really get caught up in sharing my life’s experiences with those I love most.  Elle can tell you, I pretty much tell it all…there would be no need for a “tell all” book after I leave the earth! Everyone would have already found out everything there was to know from the source, ME!  LOL!  However, when God dealt with me on boundaries He told me that I needed to stop being so transparent.  Why?  I believe that we should go to God about everything first and then allow him to lead us to others if need be.  He’s like the Great Physician who refers us out to these smaller specialists in the land.  My approach wasn’t always like that.  I would go straight to Elle or someone else, cry out and then, get off the phone and go to bed without even consulting with God.  That’s so out of order.


God can change our situations, not our friends/family.  Also, our friends formulate opinions and judge us whether we want to accept that truth or not.  Therefore, they don’t need to know everything about us.  Get intimate with God and stop dumping everything on your friends…and vice versa.  Remember ladies, setting boundaries bring about confrontation, but it also elicits peace and joy.  Even though you may be the transparent young lady like myself, it’s not too late to start telling your friends you don’t care to share your stories anymore.  It’s not too late to build a fence around whatever area you have allowed to grow wild.  Ladies, please, please don’t forget to guard your heart above all else.  I love you!



 As always I’m graciously learning,

– Mollie








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