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I’m sure you’ve all felt that kick in your gut, when you’re faced with a decision. You know, your stomach drops, an ounce of doubt or worry kicks in, and you contemplate whether you should or shouldn’t go forth with your original plans. It could be something so small… “should I risk being late to change into clothes I’m more comfortable in?” “Should I call my friend and tell him/her about this “problem” even though I know deep down inside discussing it will not be helpful?”

Despite the doubtful feelings you have in the pit of your stomach, you go ahead and DO IT ANYWAY… and lo and behold, nothing positive comes out of your decision. You change clothes, only to find out once you arrive, that what you HAD on matched the attire of the meeting you are attending. You call your friend, and what was suppose to have been a good conversation, turned into a sour one, that left you sad, hurt, disappointed, frustrated, mad, and unhappy.

 Jesus Help MeHave you asked for His help? … If you haven’t, TODAY is the day :)

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You see, that prodding in your stomach isn’t your lunch. While some call it woman’s intuition and others call it our conscience, we as Christian’s have come to know it as The Holy Spirit. The great counselor that God placed within those born again, to direct us into a prosperous, abundant place of living. Unfortunately, many times we deny the guidance of the Holy Spirit in areas of our lives that we feel we should have control over. In middle of making our split second decisions, we respond to God’s instruction with “don’t worry, it won’t be so bad,” and after we’ve weighed our options we follow our compulsion, not considering that God gives us commands and instructions to protect us from things that we NEVER foresee. As a result, we’re caught off guard and at times overwhelmed by the series of events that follow our disobedience.

Ladies… it’s time we release the control.

I mean, we’ll let God control certain areas of our lives, but when God tries into enter into areas that we feel we can “handle,’ we follow our own path, make our own decision, and formulate our own plans for a solution that only God can really give you the answer to.

Strive for the crown

Now ladies, its time to start LISTENING …and obeying The Word God speaks to YOU! :)

The thing about FOLLOWING God’s prodding is that answering His call the first time makes it easier to answer His call the second time and the many other times that follow. The more conditioned we are to listening the more sensitive we become to hearing His voice.

The thing about DENYING His voice, is that we EMPOWER our voice to CONTROL US, and as result we live a life controlled by our own fleshly desires. We please us… even though the results that come from pleasing our desires disappoint us, make us sad, frustrate our hearts, confuse our thoughts, and lead us to a dead end where we stay stagnant and don’t grow; and before we know it, we begin to see areas in our life become unfruitful.


Now before you click on the tab and close this post, take the time to consider these words. Instead of being so quick to make split second decisions, take the time to slow down and hear God’s instructions and make a conscious decision to heed HIS ADVICE… be willing to live according to His desire, to lay down your will to pursue His, and to remember that true obedience involves humility.

Obedience = Success! … which leads to your own happiness! :)  You can do it! …. Go forth and be CONQUERORS!


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