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Thanks for following my journey “The Skinny-Thick Chronicles!” on The Elle Scoop. I’m 29 years old, knocking on 30s door, and I’m on the journey of a life time to discover me and what it means to be HEALTHY AND FIT! :)

Today we’ll be discussing how Negative Self Talk Creates a Negative Self Image!

One of my favorite bible verses “she is clothed in strength and dignity and she laughs without the fear of the future” proverbs 31:25 keeps me mentally motivated in my fitness journey. I understand that being a Proverbs woman isn’t directly related to fitness and weight loss but it’s something about that verse that keeps me going. To me, it’s  knowing that I have the mental and spiritual strength to keep pushing to reach my goals and the dignity to continue this journey for my health. It’s my plan to keep pushing, without fear of the future! #SkinnyThickChronicles

Three years ago when I started this journey I wasn’t mentally prepared. This fitness process hasn’t been easy by far. It is definitely a mental game that can make you feel terrible about yourself. I have spent many nights praying and crying about this weight loss and being unhappy with where I was. Even when there was progress in my weight loss, I would constantly doubt myself or find something about my body to complain about. That did nothing but help me create a negative self image of myself. Even though the progress was there and the weight was coming off, I still doubted myself and couldn’t see the change for what it was, progress. In life, people often have a hard time seeing progress in themselves. Over the course of the last three years, I have learn to except the small progress because it will become major progress down the road.


The most important part of the journey is speaking positively to yourself. That goes for any journey in life that you choose to take. Making negative comments about yourself and doubting your ability creates a negative self image. The hardest part is stepping on the scale after weeks of hard work at the gym and not seeing the number drop or seeing the number move up. It may be hard to remain positive and believe in yourself when those are the results that you see after weeks of hard work.


One thing a good friend always said to me was ” Rome wasn’t built in a day.” It didn’t take you one day or a few weeks to gain weight and it will not take one day or a few weeks to get to the goal weight or fitness level you have created. When the number on the scale isn’t to your liking, think about what you did accomplish. Did you complete one more push-up than you did the week before? Did you run farther or harder than you did the week or month before? Are you no longer completing just the modified version of the workouts? This is all progress and even though you can’t see the change immediately on the outside every workout is changing your body on the inside.

It’s hard when you think about where you want to be and how long it will take you to get there. I always tell myself that time will pass, so why not make the most of that time and enjoy it.

So the next time you feel the need to put yourself down, remember Rome wasn’t built in a day! You’re a masterpiece in the making! :)  

Keep pushing and laughing without fear of the future! :)


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  1. This was awesome! I do not know the young lady that created this post, but just from reading I can tell her confidence has been raised. “Rome wasn’t built in a day” is what my pastor use to tell me about my journey in sanctification. It’s very encouraging and so it this post.

    I’m always excited when I check up on my “Scoop” and able to see that all is well and her bloggers are on point. She’s amazing.

    Thanks for the post!

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