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Me and my sweetie enjoying a Reds Baseball game.

Over the last several Blog posts, I’ve talked a lot about good health, physical health that is.  We’ve learned about how to eat right (balanced and wholesome meals); the importance of exercise; and more.  It was impressed upon me that an area that requires attention in order to continue our Move to the Beat of Good Health, is spiritual and emotional health.  The next few post will give this topic some necessary attention.  We are not just physical beings.  Understanding this will help us to be more wholesome and healthy beings.  Consider the following quote:

“Your mind and your body will argue that there is no justifiable reason to continue. Your only recourse is to call on your spirit (operating in the Power and Authority of the Spirit of God), which fortunately functions independently of logic.” Author Unknown

This quote impacts me on so many levels.  We all know how our minds and bodies play tricks on us.  As the Word of God teaches, no good thing dwells in the flesh; and the battle is often in the mind.  So many of us struggle (often, unnecessarily) with emotional turmoil as a result of what our mind and our bodies are telling us.  Our focus is often negative, not productive; and definitely not helpful.  We know to do good; we know to do right; we know that we should eat healthy; we know that we should exercise; we know that we should rest and relax: we know to do good but evil is always lurking around telling us that we can’t or enticing us to believe that we don’t want to.   And then, we beat ourselves up mercilessly because we gave in to the flesh; we gave in to the taunts of the mind.

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 Sitting at the Music Hall with my sweetheart and good friends Anne and Marty listening to Maya Angelou lecture…. Truly blessed.

Allowing our minds and bodies to speak negatively to our spirits is a recipe for emotional destruction.  This battle is often what leads us to bad habits and bad health; including poor emotional health.  We must be concerned about our emotional health if we are to maintain good health overall.  They cannot exist separately.  So often, the root of our health issues, whether it is being overweight or living with a chronic health condition, is lodged in our inability to stay motivated and encouraged to take action.  (Have you ever heard of emotional eating?)  Poor emotional health is the ultimate ingredient that perpetuates this negative impact.  Poor emotional health drains the life and energy needed to fight; it drains the strength necessary to continue to progress or move forward towards solutions.

So what is emotional health and why is it important?  First, we must acknowledge that God made us emotional beings.  Not only are we spiritual and fleshy beings, but we have emotions; and, we can all strive for and achieve good emotional health.  Emotional health and wellbeing is the experience of healthy self-esteem, self-respect and resilience. It is an experience of acceptance, balance and happiness that naturally moves you into greater states of emotional wellness. Emotional health is doing your best to be proactive and not reactive to the feelings that move through you; meaning you must know yourself; you must know your emotional makeup. Emotional health and wellness is making the decision to choose healthy ways to express the range of emotions we experience whether it is joy, sadness, anger, or despair.  An emotionally healthy person is prepared to respond in a responsible way:

  • Accepting the many different feelings within
  • Becoming aware of the many emotions experienced
  • Embracing the emotion that arises in any given moment
  • Seeing, understanding and expressing emotions in healthy ways
  • Growing healthy habits that support emotional health
  • Being comfortable in expressing emotions in healthy proactive ways

Emotional health is not allowing yourself to wallow in negativity or despair but knowing (or learning) how and when to give it all over to Jesus; to forgiveness; and replacing it with contentment.

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What are we to do to maintain good emotional health?  How do we overcome the struggle of the mind and body; the challenges of defeat that linger in our lives especially when we are trying to overcome negativity?  How do we stay motivated to continue to move forward toward our goals; good physical health; good emotional health; excellent spiritual health?  The answer lies within us all; in our soul; in our spirit; well beyond the physical aspects of the mind and body, especially when it is aligned with the Power of God, His Word and His Spirit.  The answer lies in the Word of God.

There are many things we can do to maintain good emotional health.  Over the next several Blog Posts we will visit strategies and solutions for good emotional and spiritual health.  The Word of God and His Power through the Holy Ghost will guide this discussion.


As Always,

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