Moving to the Beat of Good Health: A Vision and A Plan

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I have heard so many people, young and old, talk about how fast 2012 scurried through and to an end.  Where did the year go?  How did the year end? Well, here we are beginning a new year, 2013.  It is time to reflect some on where we have been but more importantly, we must plan to move forward towards our health and wellness goals for 2013.  So as we look back on 2012, take time to reflect on how well you have “Moved to the Beat of Good Health”. It is okay, actually it is necessary, to look at where you were as 2012 began, and where you are now. What have you accomplished? Where have you grown? As it relates to Healthy Living, you must ask yourself, what have I done to improve and maintain good health? Have I taken good care of this temple, my body, which is the temple of God? Reflecting will help you to look towards the future. It will help you set your health goals for 2013.


You see, we can never become lax in “Moving to the Beat of Good Health”. Think of your health as a gold mine that is almost in your reach but you must continue to press forward in order to get there. Identify that “Beat” of health in your mind, in your world, in your life; whatever it is. Are you trying to get rid of something? Are you trying to gain something? As the word of God admonishes us, we know we must pull off and put on. We must continually strive for the good health God want us to have. And, you know, God is a provider. He provides us with the tools we need to accomplish every goal we are inspired to set.


My pastor stated in one of his messages to the congregation, “Good health is nothing more than controlling you.” Although this statement may seem simplistic, it is very powerful. If we can grasp on to what this statement is saying to us, half the battle of acquiring good health is won. Most of the obstacles in our lives that hinder good health are anchored in our own lust and desires. Garnering control over self and what we want or think we should have will help us to continue our quest for health. We need self-control or discipline for exercise, for eating right, for getting enough rest, for fasting, praying, reading the Word, and meditating. All of these things lead to good health. We need self-control to say no to ourselves when we want to over indulge. We need self-control to find the time in our busy schedules to exercise. We need God to help us put under those things that interfere with our ability to have self-control.


So, what are your Health Goals for 2013? I hope you have considered them, but if you have not, please do. It is important to set your sights on where you want to go with your health and begin to plan out how you are going to get there. If you don’t have a goal for acquiring or maintaining Good Health and a plan for accomplishing that goal, it will not miraculously happen. It comes with effort and hard work. I will never tell you that it is easy to eat right; or to get up every day and exercise; or to lose weight; or to overcome a sweet tooth or food addiction. No, I will never say that it is easy, but I will say that “with God all things are possible. So, set your goal and give it over to God. Know that He will help you every step of the way; one day at a time.



As always,  Keep Moving to the Beat!









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