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THE MOLLIE COLUMN:   Inspired by something that you see online, but can’t find it in the store?  Well, I have just the solution for you! Sew it yourself!  Yep! That’s right, sew your own clothing and customize it the way you like. 

There’s nothing more satisfying and exciting than owning a piece that you can feel confident in because it is created with you in mind.  I have always struggled with finding tailor made clothes in department stores due to my unique size, but when I learned to sew, all of those problems were solved.  Over the past several years, I have had the opportunity to learn various sewing techniques from a spiritual mother of mine.  We have sewn shirts, skirts, purses, and belts!  We have hemmed, taken dresses in, and made jewelry and I have enjoyed every minute of it!  Here recently, I was perusing Pinterest and came across a skirt that I fell in love with.  Skirt 1

In the article on Ellebowroom’s  blog (, she stated that her mother made the skirt for her.  Immediately, I thought, “If she can do it, so can I.”  My spiritual mother said that she wanted to purchase the pattern and material for me as a birthday gift; however, I would have to sew it myself.  So, she put me up to the challenge and I gladly accepted.  Skirt 2

So, here are the steps to sewing a skirt or any article of clothing that you may be interested in:

  1. Find out what you want to sew…skirt, shirt, belt, clutch bag, etc.
  2. Select a fabric compatible with type of piece you’ll be sewing
  3. Select a pattern. Remember, your pattern doesn’t have to be exactly like the picture that inspired you.  That’s the beauty of sewing, you can tweak the pattern as you go.  Patterns are sold at various fabric stores, such as: Hobby Lobby, Michael’s, or JoAnn’s.  As you’re purchasing your pattern, you will notice that it will have a range of sizes at the top of the package.  You may find that your size isn’t included in the range, but don’t worry because it’s important to make sure that you go up two sizes.  Why?  When sewing any article of clothing you have to allow room for a 5/8th seam down all edges and you have to leave enough room to make the skirt as loose or snug as you will like.  Always better to have more than less (in this case anyway).
  4. Make sure you have all of your necessary tools, such as: a sewing machine, matching thread, needles, zippers, scissors, measuring tape, stitching pencil, the measurements of your body, and the directions from the pattern.



Skirt 4Skirt 3 skirt 5

Now you’re ready to begin! Follow the directions on the pattern and make sure to get help from someone who is experienced in sewing.  I ran into a lot of problems with recognizing the terminology that most seamstresses use; therefore, it was helpful to have someone guiding me the whole time. I am sure you can get on YouTube and find tutorials that are helpful as well.  Please leave a comment and let me know if you have any questions about my sewing experience or your next sewing project.  Happy Sewing!


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