MollieColumn: “It’s Just an Innocent Date…”

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Me (Mollie) : “God, I just want to go out on an innocent date, no strings attached, just a fun night out on the town with an attractive guy. Please, can I go? Will you send someone worthy of my standards to ask me out on a date?”

God: Daughter, I have sent many attractive men to you in the past that you could have ministered to and found true friendship with, but you cause every possible “friendship” to fail with your emotions.  If I send you someone that is everything you desire in a mate, you will only make it an emotional situation and the relationship will go sour.  Let’s not continue this cycle.  Focus on me, pursue me, I’m the one who needs to fill that void with all of the things you’re lacking.  Let me pour into you and you into me.  Let me prepare you to be a help meet and not just a casual or compatible dating partner. Remember, I am eternal and your thinking should be that way also…set your mind on things eternal and not temporary pleasures. 

Hey Scoopers!  The dialogue that you just read is just a quick exchange between the Lord and I a week ago.  I was sitting down telling God that I really wanted to get dressed up, go out and enjoy the company of a nice young man.  I told him that sometimes it really makes a lady feel good to have the attention of a male, but God put everything into perspective! Lol! Won’t He do it?! dateFollow me on Instagram @Ms_NcBurns


God told me to stay focused on Him because I have a track record for getting emotionally attached with men that were only intended to be my friend, business partner, or temporary accountability partner.  He’s absolutely right about that!  If God sent me a “date” today, things would go well, the dates will be fun, but it’s only a matter of time before the emotions show up to ruin everything!  As women, we naturally invest ourselves into people by expressing our feelings, paying attention to detail, which results in heartbreak…that leads to self-protecting…in turn, self-protecting turns into the removal of people from our circle, and then the cycle starts over again. 

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God reminded me of this and just the thought of that emotional rollercoaster took me to a place of contentment with my peaceful, single life.  Thank you Lord! Ladies, I’m sure you can relate, but don’t sign up for that rollercoaster today!  The best and most productive thing we can do as singles is to seek God daily.  We should check those desires as they show up in our lives and ask God to help us deal with them appropriately as opposed to pursuing them.  What may seem like a harmless “outing” can turn sour all because our initial motive was to please the flesh and we know fleshy things never prosper!  It’s important for us to seek out the ways that He wants us to serve Him.  We can serve during our time of waiting and most importantly, we should enjoy the journey.  Lastly, remember, it’s never just an innocent date…




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