Meet Mollie! :)

Welcome to The Mollie Column! 

It is my prayer that as you frequent this page you will gain insight on what to expect during and after college, the do’s and don’ts as a working professional (from my standpoint, of course).  Stories, examples, scriptures, and ways to push through tough seasons will also be included on this page.

I am transparent about everything that I face and I can’t wait to share my experiences with you!!!  What’s the point of going through tough times if you can’t use them to help and share with others?!?

Here’s a little background information about myself: I am a small town Georgia girl traveling down an unknown road to greatness!  “Why an unknown road,” you ask.  I have no clue what God’s plans are for me or where I’m headed, but I do know that all thingswork together for the good of those who love the Lord. (Romans 8:28)

God desires to prosper me in the end; therefore, greatness is in His plan for me!

Currently, I work for the State in my hometown.  I have the job that I just knew I would love.


After graduating college, I knew I wanted to go home, help the youth in my town, open this non-profit after school program, and everything was going to be great! Well…that’s not the case.  I no longer enjoy working with children and I definitely don’t want to be in the South all my life!







LOL  So, travel down this road with me as the Holy Spirit leads me and teaches me about life!

As always,  I’m Graciously Learning!

– “Mollie”



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