Meet Jardan Paige & Get Her Look! #TeamNatural

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Meet Jardan Paige! (Only on The Elle Scoop!) A Kentucky born – Atlanta living, natural hair enthusiast! This fabulous 20-something has been rocking her natural curls for nearly 7 years. Check out her hair journey below and find out how to achieve her stylish-do! #GetScooped


Jardan, what are your favorite hair products?

IMG_4010Simple Truth Vegan Coconut Oil! #SimpleTruth


IMG_4009Eden Repairing Oil! #CremeofNature #StraightFromEden

IMG_4008Olive Oil Smooth -N- Hold Pudding! #ORS

IMG_4007#Garnier Fructis Fiber Gum




Jardan, how long have you been natural? 

JARDAN PAIGE:I got my last relaxer in April of 2008. My goal was grow my hair longer:) I had shoulder length hair through high school and college. I dyed my hair blonde in 2007 and my hair was thin and breaking off with a relaxer. It took until 2010 to grow my hair out fully. I didn’t really start to see major growth until 2011. While I was transitioning I trimmed my own hair. My hair was so sensitive because I had perm and dye in my hair at the same time. I felt like beauticians just tore it out so I did my hair myself, however I wouldn’t recommend that for everyone. I suggest finding a good stylist to trim your hair.

What’s the hardest part about transitioning?

JARDAN PAIGE:Maintaining your hair if you have an active lifestyle. It’s hard balancing the need to work out and keeping your hair nice. It’s so hard being patient as your hair grows out! (sigh.)

What do you love about being natural?

JARDAN PAIGE:I absolutely LOVE the healthiness of my hair! :) The texture Is full, there is less shedding, and there is lots of versatility with all the hair style options.

Are you big on protective styling or do you just go with the flow?

JARDAN PAIGE: I’m big on low heat styling. I’ve only straightened my hair like 5 times a year.

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  • 15- 20 Diane Brand Flexi rods, depending on thickness of hair.  (You can find them on E-Bay really cheap)
  • Co-wash or shampoo
  • Conditioner
  • Leave-in Conditioner (optional)
  • Detangler (see photo)
  • Setting Gel/Lotion
  • Coconut Oil
  • Sit-down Hair dryer
  • Spray bottle full of water



  • Co-Wash hair.
  • Condition hair. Moroccan Oil
  • Rinse. I recommend using a leave-in conditioner.
  • The best way to manage your wet hair is to use a detangler. It will help cut down the time you take combing your hair out so your hair won’t dry before you rod it.**Remember**  The goal is for your hair to be very wet because it dries more smoothly, so be sure to utilize your spray bottle to spray your hair.
  • Section hair to detangle. I usually part may hair down the middle and divide each section into 4 square sections. Each Section hair of hair should be about 1.5 inches.
  •  For each row of hair I add styling product before rolling. I prefer… (see photos)
  • Use rod to spiral hair toward scalp in circulation motion. Be sure to roll at an angle, and not the typical roller (see video below). *Your hair may begin to dry as you work on each section. Be sure to use spray bottle to keep my hair wet*

Check out JP’s Video to learn how she rolls her hair:



SEE BELOW: This is how your head should look after you are finished rolling your hair!




  • Sit under hair dryer. I use a plastic cap dryer. I sit under my dryer for 2 hours on hot and high heat. I know this seems like a lengthy amount of time, but you have to make sure your hair is dry. I switched it to low when I got too hot. If you have thick hair, consider 2.5 hours under the dryer. **This is THE MOST IMPORTANT STEP.  Your hair has to be 110% dry. If you are unsure that your hair is dry get back under the dryer. **





  • Start from top to unwind twist. Do not just pull out rods out. How you take the rods out will affect how your final results look. Take the time to take each rod out gently.
  • Put coconut oil to separate and split apart. Do it delicately. The more you split the curls the more volume you will achieve. I split each rodded curl 4 to 6 times.
  • To maintain this look remember to Pineapple your hair every night to sleep. This simply means pulling curls to the top of your head and tying a scarf around it. In the morning simply remove the scarf and let your curls fall back into place.

Hope you enjoyed!

Be sure to leave Jardan Paige your thoughts and questions below! :))

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  1. What if you do not have a hair drier would it be okay to let it air dry? Lovely job by the way…

    • If you are going to air dry make sure to do smaller sections and let it dry for approx 8 hours. You might want to use a blow dryer to give it a head start once they are rolled up!

    • Hi Ebony! I used the two products from the post, the Garnier fiber gum and the ORS smooth n hold! <3

      • Hey I was my hair every two days and in between both days I use biatste to add shine and volume a must have I recommend it, the first day I have it up in a ponytail bun ect so it doesn’t pick up as much grease as possible meaning on the second day I have natural added moisture without the worry of added grease. I also try to limit the amount of heat product as possible. But I would love to have more adventurous hairstyles of the first day by using some of the products in your giveaway Adell baker (YouTube) xxxx

  2. I love to mix up my hairstyle on a daily basis. On my first clean hair day, I will add some prcuodt and maybe diffuse my curly/wavy hair. On the 2nd day I will pull half of it up and secure it with bobby pins. On the 3rd day I might either rock a side messy bun or a simple side braid and add some accessories to make it a little more dressy. I just recently stopped washing my hair everyday and started using sprays to reactivate the curls in my hair on the 2nd and 3rd day. I try to deep condition my hair at least 2 times a month.

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