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Struggle; it is a common word in many of our vocabularies especially when it comes to health, wellness, weight, diet, and exercise.  I hope to share a positive and inspiring word concerning lifestyle changes that will minimize the struggle we encounter when we make attempts to improve our health and wellness.  It is not God’s intention that we struggle in this area.  It is His desire and plan that we “prosper and be in health even as our souls prosper.”  (3 John 1:2)  And more importantly, He desires that we have life and that more abundantly; John 10:10.  God’s desire for His people is to live, love, prosper and abide in this fleshly temple that houses His Holy Spirit productively, doing His will.  He desires that we have complete health and wellness and not sickness, fatigue, pain, and chronic diseases that debilitates and prevents us from working in His Kingdom; in the vineyard.  But His desire and divine will for us will not come to completion without us walking in faith doing the things necessary to live healthy and complete lives.

I hope that this column will first reveal to you that it is never too late to start taking action towards improving your health and wellness, but, it really is up to you to take action.  God says in His Word “that faith without works is dead.” (James 2:20; 26).  It is my hope that this column will provide encouraging and inspiring direction to those who have come to a place in their life where they know it is time to take control and make the lifestyle changes necessary to feel better.  Am I an expert in the area of health and wellness? No, I am not.  However, I am someone God inspired to do something about my own health and wellness and to share with others as He leads and guides me.

Here’s a little more about me.  I am first a child of the Most High King, my Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ; and am forever seeking to please Him.  I am a wife  32+ years; and mother of five beautiful children.  I have seven grandchildren plus many other children I did not birth, God children, nieces, nephews and friends. Although I was born and raised in “inner city” or “the hood” of a large metropolitan area in the North, I have lived in Kentucky most of my adult life.  I am an Evangelist, called to minister unto His people; and I have a wonderful professional career as the Director of Social Services for a large agency and part-time professor at a major University. 

Yes, God has truly blessed me, but I am also someone who has struggles. Even though I have not struggled with obesity during my life time, I have had issues with weight, eating properly, chronic conditions, and just generally taking good care of myself.  When I was diagnosed with high blood pressure and high cholesterol in my mid-thirties, I knew I had to do something.

Thank God He inspired me to get up and move and inspire others to Move to the Beat of Jesus’ Love as we make lifestyle changes that will enhance us.


Consistently Moving to the Beat of Jesus’ Love!

     – BigBarbG











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