FASHION-4-CHRIST: Lose Weight, Feel Great… Cover Up!

Lose weight, feel great… COVER UP!

Ever get tired of seeing the same ole thing on television, in our magazines, and on billboards? You’re not alone! I am actually overly exhausted with the “gotta be skinny” or “It’s hip to be thick” wishy- washy trends. As I fluctuate between sizes 12-14 I have become less concerned with my size and more concerned with my health. This is not my area of expertise so I will stay away, but as it pertains to modesty, fashion and choosing the right look for your body type…I will speak up.

I don’t ever want women to feel less than who they are because of the constant pressure to keep up with the images we see in our media. It always takes me back to being fearfully and wonderfully made Psalm 139: 13-14. Truly loving who we are and who God has created us to be is so important especially for our generation and the ones to come. It was late 2011 that I decided it was time to lose weight and be “fit” for the season ahead. It was always a joke of mine to say “God wouldn’t let me lose weight because He knew I would act up if I got skinny” LOL. At that particular time in my life I felt like I was ready to take that step because I had a good head on my shoulders, I was into modesty, and I was a minister so what was I really going to wear? Ha! Have I ever mentioned we CANNOT trust our flesh? When I began my workout I was wearing a size 16 well. I dressed very stylish for my size and kept everything in line as it needed to be.

By the end of Spring 2012 I was in a size 8/9. This was not healthy seeing that I had changed my diet completely, added dietary supplements with my workout and was battling a mild depression from transitioning from one place to another. I became obsessed with losing weight and hearing “Hey Skinny mini” or “Wow, Ash you lost a lot of weight…what’s the secret”. Those words, amongst others, were fuel for my flesh. Although I knew that all my weight loss wasn’t healthy, I took full advantage of the new body I was in. I didn’t get outrageously skimpy with my clothing, but was I representing the Kingdom of God? No! When I went out to certain events could people tell off bat that I was a minister? Absolutely not. I fell into the very thing that I thought I was over. I was trying to keep up with the latest in the media. I wanted to see what it was like to wear leggings and feel comfortable with a shirt just below my midriff. I wanted to wear my short shorts and still say “aye, I’m Holy Ghost filled, not sinning, and can dress like this”. I clearly jumped head first to be a part of something I prayed, cried, and fought to get away from…the world.


It wasn’t long before I was delivered from my way of thinking and repenting for my behavior. I had to learn that it wasn’t my size that was the problem it was my mind. I figured because I was heavier I had to dress more modest and being smaller gave a small opening to be… well, not THAT modest. WRONG! I made all of that up. As a child of God I am to conduct myself accordingly rather 150lbs or 550lbs. The same Ashlee that was covered at 230lbs still needed to be covered at 180lbs. I had to wear clothes that didn’t expose my body, but complimented God’s artwork. “For we are God’s masterpiece. He has created us anew in Christ Jesus, so we can do the good things he planned for us long ago.” (Ephesians 2:10) Granted I was getting a lot of attention and men that were hollering weren’t talking anything about God. I couldn’t blame them because my attire wasn’t the best, but I felt like “yo, they goin’ know when I open my mouth that I’m about Jesus”. LOL They did and it was confusing.

The moral of the story is my dear sisters, as the New Year hit and many have started their workout regimes and diets for this upcoming summer; please remember to keep Christ at the forefront of your mind. Remember what is appeasing to mankind most likely isn’t appeasing to God. I’ve had many convo’s about proper swim attire for saved women, what to wear when it’s 100 degrees and still be safe. These topics will be great to discuss in the near future. I’d like to encourage you to keep your eyes on Christ. If it’s not satisfying to Him, don’t wear it. I’m in the gym now wearing two pairs of pants, 2-3 tops just to make sure I’m not showing anything I shouldn’t be. Yes, we even have to be modest at the gym. No sports bra workouts ladies! Remember it’s at the gym were the men are letting off a lot of steam and testosterone. Be mindful of your brothers and sisters. Help yourself not to fall into temptation.

Until next time ladies, I love you all and I pray that God is dealing with your heart and mind on the topic of modesty for Christ. Be encouraged sisters we are tapping into a painfully beautiful process, but it’s all worth it!

God Bless


– Smash B








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