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Who came up with the idea that a new year only comes once a year?  I’m here to tell you Scoopers, that your new year can start RIGHT NOW!  At the end of every year we begin to reflect on the previous year and what we did wrong, what we did right, and what we want to change in the upcoming year.  Some of us create New Year’s resolutions to combat old habits and begin new ones.  Others just take one day at a time making an attempt to become a better person day by day (that would be me!).  At the end of 2013, I was so frustrated with my life and the horrible year I experienced.  The negative perspective I had of 2013 made me think that there was no need to set resolutions that I wasn’t going to keep and that probably weren’t going to happen anyway.  I mean, of course I wanted a new car and a new job, but what was the point?!  I had been praying for a new job and for God to reveal my purpose to me, but there was nothing…NOTHING. 
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I had been looking for a car so long that when I went to the dealerships I was able to tell the salesmen everything about the car, the Kelly Blue Book price, the e-price, and anything that you could think of, I knew it!  I was frustrated!  My hair wasn’t growing as fast as I thought it should and oh yeah…I didn’t have a man! Lol! So, I’m saying all of this to say, I was frustrated because I felt like God wasn’t revealing anything to me.  He hadn’t shown me anything new in the last 4 years about my purpose, job, hair, a husband, or a vehicle…so, why would He do it now just because the year was changing?

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Nonetheless, I went into 2014 without any New Year’s resolutions and a sour attitude.  BUT GOD.  God really has a way of working silently to push you into what you want or need.  In mid-January, I drove to Atlanta to pick up my cousin from the airport and to spend time with her for her birthday.  We were having a blast, until my car decided to break down TWICE!  That was it! I was so over that car!  I was so over “waiting on God” to bless me with a car!  I was so-called taking things into my own hands (not really).  I set a deadline and declared that I would have another car by the end of February.  I was nervous about purchasing a car and really didn’t know what I wanted, but I knew it had to happen.  I looked at my bank account and considered the type of payments I could afford.  So the search was on! I was officially test driving cars, asking questions, and negotiating.  All the while, I was also contemplating a new haircut.  I was so sick of the same medium length hair that I had been with since high school.  I asked people what they thought of me getting my haircut back in 2013 and no one was supportive.  Everyone told me it wouldn’t look good.  This time I was quietly contemplating this new do.  I pinned haircuts on Pinterest and talked with my hairdresser.  We both agreed on a cute bob.  I scheduled the appointment and was awaiting the new change.  The same day that the appointment was scheduled for, I was off from work and decided to go car shopping with my parents.  I quickly became frustrated because the cars I thought I wanted just didn’t suit me.  It was like I was trying on clothes that were too big or uncomfortable. 

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Cars that were in my price range just weren’t conducive to my lifestyle, but the car that I really wanted was way out of my budget.  So, I opted to go to lunch instead of trying to car shop any longer.  I was just going to settle for the car I already had until I could save money to buy that 2013 Honda Accord that I just had to have! After lunch, I told my parents that I wanted to go try out a 2014 Jeep Grand Cherokee just for kicks.  Instead of pulling into the Jeep dealership, my dad went to the Ford dealership next door.  I didn’t get out of the car because there was nothing there that I wanted.  I noticed the cute little Infiniti G35, but I knew it wasn’t in the budget I set for myself.  My dad came up to the car and said, “Come test drive this Infiniti.”  I was like, “Dad, you know I can’t afford that car!”  Needless to say, I test drove the car and fell in love with it!  I told the salesman my price and stated that if he couldn’t give it to me for that, then I didn’t need it.  He said, “I can sale it to you for that price or lower.” 
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  I got back in my parents’ car, prayed and asked God if that was the car He wanted me to have.  I turned around to look at the car and another couple was looking at it.  I started to panic a little bit, but I could hear God saying, “trust Me.”  I just kept believing and kept praying in the car.  When I turned around again, the couple was walking away from it.  I felt like it was confirmed that the Infiniti was mine.  I walked inside and made the deal.  Following my purchase I went to the hair salon and got my haircut and colored in the top!  My hairdresser surprised me and amped up the color a little more than I expected, but I LOVED IT!!!  After I left the salon, I felt brand new!  I felt like my new year had officially begun!  My hair was fresh and spunky and I was riding in a new whip! 
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Scoopers, be encouraged today.  It is God’s desire to give us what we need, but also what we want.  He wants to see His children happy and basking in the joy that he intended for us to have.  This is not a license to just go out and do random things that you know are not the will of God, but it is encouragement to take some risks concerning those areas that you have been asking God about.  For me, taking risks has never been my forte.  I have always been the reserved, safe girl never willing to step out of my comfort zone.  I realized that when I made up my mind to go get what I knew I needed (car) and what I wanted (haircut), I felt free!  I felt freedom in so many different areas of my life.  Free from fear, free from people and their opinions, and most of all free from myself!  It was the best feeling ever!  I challenge you to step out on something today.  Set a goal and go for it.  Don’t share it with anyone but God…and then with the followers of Elle Scoop and the Mollie Column.  Come back and tell us your story! Happy New Year!



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