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ElleScoop LogoI don’t know about you ladies, but I have almost worn myself out praying for things that God has still never moved on!

After 4 years I started to wonder if God was EVER going to empathize with my feelings! I was soooo ready to scream out GOD JUST HURRY UP ALREADY!!

We often wonder when God doesn’t move quick enough whether or not he hears us and we contemplate whether or not He even cares.  When days turn to weeks, and weeks turn to months and months turn to years we begin to question: “How can God see my tears, hear my cries, know my heart and leave me HERE?!… He obviously doesn’t care.”

Like most people, we pray for what we want… If you want to leave we pray for God to open doors, if we want God to remove us from certain jobs, people, circumstances, churches, emotional bondage, hurt, etc THEN THAT’S JUST WHAT WE PRAY:“God hurry up and stop all this nonsense” (I’m sure that’s pretty much how we sound, lol )

However, I’m finding that sometimes God doesn’t move because we are praying THE WRONG PRAYER. All too often our thoughts about our circumstances are  convoluted with our emotions… Emotions we may not fully understand or even know how to deal with.  Emotions, regardless of where the stem from, can cloud our vision on where we are and where God has placed us. Too often we ask God to pull us out of “the storm” before we realize the gold mine we’re standing on. (Light bulbs on!)

Last month I called my bestie for some good bestie conversation time!! (Love) We started chatting like we always do about life and I was telling her how long I’ve been praying for God to just remove me from what I found to be unpleasant circumstances. To my surprise, instead of backing up me up with “girl keep praying” she said “girl that’s obviously not going to work. You’ve prayed on that too long and God has not changed it… It’s time you change it up, and pray another prayer… The right prayer.”

That’s when it hit me. “Had I been praying for God’s Will or for my own?”



All too often our strong ill feelings are attached to something.  Your worst fear, your unattended insecurity, your past mistakes, doubt, feelings of inadequacy, etc.   Maybe your circumstances make you feel someway about some aspect of your  life, maybe your circumstances wears on your self esteem, or brings worry to your heart, plays on some deep seated insecurity, etc … Who knows, there could be tons of reasons.Typically there is always a reason for our strong emotional responses…

BUT maybe your circumstance isn’t your problem,  maybe your emotions ARE.

Case-in-point: Instead of asking God to remove me from the circumstance, I asked God too begin unraveling the strong emotions of my heart. Unraveling even the thoughts and feelings I didn’t understand- Deep feelings I had never addressed that powered my thoughts and weighed heavy on my heart. I prayed that God would put my heart in a place of peace and comfort, that he would give me understanding, decernment,  a sound mind, a willing heart to yield to Him… And that he would work out all the things going on behind the scenes when it came to the issues of my heart!! :))

One thing I know for sure is that It works!!… IT WORKS! God does answer prayers… His Word is true when He says in Jeremiah 29 “For I know the plans I Have for you, plans to prosper you, plans to give you a hope and a future!”  … Sometimes THE DEPTHS OF OUR HEART and all that it holds can keep us from receiving God’s plan to prosper our lives. I pray that your heart prospers :))

P.S: I recommend praying and fasting for BEST results… It doesn’t have to be an exhaustive fast. You decide. I pray you all have fast results :))


As Always,

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  1. Really good blog. The prayers you’ve began to pray is actually the prayer of wisdom found in Ephesians 1:17-20 I believe. It’s amazing how God, by His spirit, leads and guides us into all truth. By reading this, I now understand a little more about a story in history how a former illiterate slave was able to quote the entire book of Matthew. By the Holy Spirit reaching and teaching us, we can do all things. The Holy Spirit shifted your prayers in order for you to get the results you needed. :) how precious is that? Once we stop praying out of our emotions and start praying God’s heart, we are able to learn patience even in the hardest prayers we find joy, because the end is HE WINS!

    Thanks for sharing this post. I pray more people will be enlightened and go back to their secret place and trust God. This was a post bringing people to repentance and that Scoop is amazing!!!!!!!!!! :) I am so encouraged, thank you.

    God bless!

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