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When it comes to health and fitness, exercise is a vital piece of the puzzle. Sure you can lose weight without exercise, simply by changing your eating habits and portion control. If you are looking to define and shape your body in addition to fat loss, adding exercise is important.


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If you are anything like me, the Gym is not your thing. I keep a gym membership to use the treadmill when I need to run in the winter. I know when I go to the gym it is difficult to figured out what to do and what machines to use without a trainer or some type of fitness class. Also standing in line waiting for a machine kills my drive to workout. It is much easier for me to wake up in the morning and workout in the comfort of my own home. Since I am pretty busy this works better for my schedule as well.

Here are five short videos of different exercises that you can do at home. I use 5 to 10lbs weights. You can use lighter, heavier or no weights at all. The goal is to build up to using weights and increasing the weight as it gets easier. In the videos I am using 5lb weights.


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All of these exercises are 21day fix inspired.  21 day fix is a beach body program that is designed to help you lose weight and build a habit out of eating healthy, portion control and exercising in 21days. The workouts are only 30 minutes but are designed to hit every muscle. I have lost 15lbs and 10inches on this program. If you are interested in this program please click on the link below.



First exercise is Weighted Knee pulls: Start with the weight above the head and the left leg out in front of the right leg. Then you proceed to pull the weight down and the knee up. This exercise targets the Legs, back, core and arms. Repeat this exercise for one minute then switch legs and continue for an additional minute.



Second exercise is a Bent row:  Start with feet shoulder width apart, bend knees and lean forward keeping back straight. Then proceed to lift weights pinching shoulders together. This targets the back. Repeat for one minute rest for 10 seconds and repeat again.



Third exercise is Surrenders: Start with feet shoulder width apart. Hold weights above the shoulder. Then proceed to kneel leading with the left leg and the other leg following. Come back to standing and repeat for one minute. Rest for 10 seconds. Then switch to leading with the right leg for one minute. This exercise targets the core, legs and arms.



The fourth exercise is Sumo Squats with an Upright Row:  Start with feet pointed outward and legs wide. Hold weights in front of pelvis. Proceed to squat and simultaneously pull weights up to shoulder. Repeat for one minute. Rest for 10 seconds and Repeat for an additional minute.



Final exercise is Squat with a Curtsy lunge: Start with legs shoulder width apart and weights at the shoulder. Then proceed to squat, then step right leg behind left leg and lunge. Right knee should be behind left foot during curtsy lunge. Repeat for one minute. Rest for 10 seconds, then switch lunge to left leg.



A few tips to remember when squatting is to make sure your back is straight, shoulders up, chest out and your pelvis is pulled in. Also, make sure that you are eating healthy and portioning you food. You can undo everything you do in a workout by not being disciplined in the kitchen.

My form is in no way perfect but every day I feel myself getting stronger and my form getting better. No one starts out strong and perfect. It takes practice and dedication to keep improving. There was a point when I did not feel that my exercising and eating healthy were making a difference but now I can see my progress and will continue to push myself.

I’m sure we ALL still have areas on our bodies that are in great need of fat loss, but I’m positive we will get there as long we continue to push! :)



Until Next time Keep Pushing and thinking positive.

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