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The Mollie Column: As graduation season comes to an end and “back to school” season approaches, I just want to encourage everyone to remember who holds your life in the palms of His hands.  I have encouragement for everyone in every possible season and circumstance; however, the recent college grads hold a special place in my heart and prayers.

To the recent college grads that have yet to find employment:  First, I congratulate you on your hard work and great accomplishment!!! It’s a big deal! Celebrate and praise God, for you have completed four years, two years, one year of college.  All of the “all-nighters”, Starbucks runs, cramming, prioritizing, study groups, computer lab nights, and prayers have paid off.  You did it!  To those of you who have accomplished this great goal, I know your heart is desperately waiting for that job to surface in your life.  I know the family members and friends are asking, “What’s next?”  Don’t let that discourage you.  Smile and say, “I’m diligently doing my part to see what will be next for me.” :) Ladies and gentlemen, please listen and read carefully. “Do not fret or have any anxiety about anything, but in every circumstance and in everything, by prayer and petition (definite requests), with thanksgiving, continue to make your wants known to God” says Philippians 4:6 in the Amplified Bible.

RESTWhen I was without a job, I wish I would have hung on to this verse more than I did.  Instead, I was so concerned about what others would think about me and how I viewed myself.  The most important thing is enjoying the quiet time you have during this season of rest.  You don’t have obligations as far as school and work are concerned.  You can spend some serious uninterrupted time with God just listening to Him and worshipping Him.  You can travel, develop your craft, and explore whatever interests you.  Don’t take this time for granted.  By all means, be diligent, do your part by applying daily, but don’t get bogged down in thinking that a job will make your life better or add value to who you are.  God has already given you a future and a hope.  He has already said that you are more than a conqueror.  He has assured us that no weapon formed against us will prosper.  So, don’t worry about a job…just serve God in this season in whatever way He instructs you to.  Remember, a job doesn’t give you purpose, God has already done that.  Be faithful over the portion he has given you.  Rest.

For additional guidance, read the blog post entitled “Questions, Questions, Questions”.


be yourselfTo the recent grads who were blessed to find employment:  Congratulations to you!!!  What a wonderful accomplishment! As you enter the workforce to practice what you’ve learned over the past few years, I encourage you to stay focused on the task at hand.  Don’t get distracted by office gossip, jealous colleagues, or even unfair supervisors.  I urge you to stay focused on what God has called you to do while there.  Most likely that is to be professional, to be an example, to share Christ with the lost, to bring glory to God’s name, to be teachable, and to learn.  Just like any phase in life, this phase of life can bring about challenging times, but stick with it…it’s shaping and molding your character.  Trust, I know this area all too well. :) Colossians 3:23 should keep you focused, it reads, “Work willingly at whatever you do, as though you were working for the Lord rather than for people.”  NLT.  This is a constant reminder that our work should always be done for the Lord, not to please people or even ourselves.

To the young professional:  This is what you’ve prayed so hard for, to be able to practice in the field of your choice.  This is the season that I am currently in and it can be just as challenging as those 20 page papers, lol. We have to wake up early, show up for work on time, be productive, and then come home only to prepare for the same thing tomorrow.  However, you can still have fun while building your career.  Use the spare time you have to explore new hobbies and accomplish new goals.  During college, our education was number one priority and socializing was second.  Now is a good time to take that cooking class, faithfully attend the gym, go back to school for another degree, travel (because now you actually have your own money to spend, lol), or take dance classes.  Whatever you choose to explore, just make sure it’s exciting!  Your mind and body needs that time away from work.  Remember, to stay connected to the Source throughout your work day, He’s the only way you’re going to get through.  Get up, walk to the bathroom and say a quick prayer.  Praise Him and communicate your feelings with Him.  Lastly, don’t be discouraged if you realize that you’re not passionate about your current job.

Pray and ask God to show you what you’re supposed to be doing.  Ask Him to give you the joy and grace that you need to get through the position you’re currently in (1Thess. 5:16-18).  Vent to your friends occasionally, not your coworkers (they aren’t your friends, just colleagues), and allow them to encourage you also…you never know, they may be facing the same thing.  Be careful not to complain, remember, it won’t change a thing.  You’re greater is coming!

To the new college student:  What a wonderful phase you’re entering!  You will never get these years back!! Have fun and cherish this season of your life, but don’t waste your life away!  This is a time to push and persevere.  Join a Bible Study group on campus and find yourself a local church so that you can be connected to a community that cares and offers prayer and support during this interesting time in your life.  Remember to declare God’s Word over your life daily.  Enter each class with the mindset that you can do it because God is sitting right there with you.  Stay focused and don’t get distracted.  You can make it!


In every season of life it is extremely important to focus on what we’re supposed to be doing.  Looking too far ahead or wishing we could return to a specific time in our lives causes us to be ineffective.  Not being satisfied or content with where God has placed us is a waste of emotion.  Paul tells us that we should learn to be content with whatever we have.  Being happy is a choice, make a decision today to be happy with your portion.  Be faithful over it and watch what God does!  Everyone be blessed and enjoy your season…for time is one thing we never get back :)


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