Elle’s Ya-ya-YAMS! LOL … or Sweet Potatoes! :)

Yam video(Video Below)


First, I hope each of you all had a HAPPY THANKSGIVING! :)) Gosh, we have so much to be thankful for! :) #GoJesus! I hope all of your bellies were quite content! Since the holiday has passed, it is a good time to jump back on the bandwagon for healthy eating before Christmas rolls around, that way you won’t find yourself overwhelmed with the dreaded holiday weight gain! :) With that in mind, I decided to tackle my first grilled veggie experiment! … emphasis on experiment! LOL

Check out the video below and check out my trick to making BEAUTIFUL SWEET POTATOES on the grill!




Soooo, I’ve never really grilled veggies, but I learned that they can be a little tricky. Last week I wanted grilled yams. Unfortunately, they burned really bad and didn’t turn out so pretty! #Burnt #noshame LOL. It took some research to figure out how to master veggies like sweet potatoes on the grill, but I learned that THERE IS A TRICK! :)


Yam 3

Cooking Lesson/LIFE LESSON LEARNED: Okay, we all know mess ups can be a little disheartening,  however, PRACTICE/TIME makes perfect! We’re not going to be AMAZING at everything on our first try. Don’t get discouraged! :) Sometimes in life we have to learn to FIND THE GOOD! Looking for the silver lining is a MAJOR part of life. It’s how we take hold of God’s joy for our lives. LIFE, Happiness, joy, success, greatness, and goodness are all based on how we choose to PERCEIVE them in our lives! :) Sometimes it seems that LOTS of things go wrong at the same time, which can really try wear on our peace. Regardless of what’s going on in your life, STOP and recognize the good and make sure you tell God thank you for the wonderful blessings you have in life. Saying “thank you” and recognizing the good will help bring you OUT of the chains of funk by changing your perspective on who God is to you and all He IS doing and HAS done! :)  Praise is good for the heart, body, mind, and soul!

I watched 12 Years A Slave this weekend (It’s a GREAT MOVIE!) and the main character quoted this line: “If you keep holding tight to despair, it will consume you and you will drown in it.” This quote made SO much sense. Life is all about how you view it! So LIVE your life, don’t drown in it! :)


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