New Picture (1) #GETSCOOPED: If there’s anything I’ve learned over the last two years it’s that LIFE IS FULL OF CHOICES AND ITS OUR CHOICE TO CHOOSE OUR VICTORY.

Are you in a storm? … Choose your reaction, choose your boundaries, and choose peace.

Choose your reaction: Sometimes not-so-great news creeps its way into your presence. It can stem from anywhere: work, home, friends or maybe even your own mind… (We all know there’s nothing like waking up and “smelling the roses” about the things going on in your own life.)  Choosing your reaction to what the wind blows your way can be the deciding factor on whether you STAND when the wind comes beating on your door or whether you allow it to come in and carry you away in the tempest.

Almost all storms catch us off guard. If we knew all the craziness would blow our way I’m sure we would all take precautions to avoid the downpour, but since we’re almost always unaware, it’s important we understand that our strength, our hope, our joy, and our peace are all rooted in CHRIST JESUS.


It’s so easy to become overwhelmed with emotions about things that may happen in life: Maybe it’s the realization that some relationships are over or maybe severely broken, maybe it’s the realization that you’ll  have to make drastic changes in life, maybe it’s the realization that God has you in a place of “stillness” while He works on preparing you for your future, or maybe it’s the realization that what you always wanted may not be what needs to be pursued at this time… regardless of the situation, I’m finding that it’s important that we tap into our strength to stand firm. All too often, if we aren’t careful, our emotions can take us off the deep end and we can become so consumed with the despair. During times like this, it’s important that we choose not be bogged down by the details of life, but that we choose to stand strong in joy (not sadness), in peace (not worry; God’s promises are real), in faith (not doubt; He’s heard your prayers), and in hope (not fear; He only wants THE BEST for you) .

Remember, we ALREADY HAVE strength in Christ to push forward and to not become overwhelmed by “the circumstance” … we just have to choose (8)

Choose your boundaries: Sometimes choosing strength means setting boundaries for your life. Some storms start because of the circumstances we allow to run rampant in our lives. In situations like this, it’s important that we pray and ask God for wisdom as we set boundaries for what we will allow to come into our gates. Setting boundaries can help us eliminate some of the debris that gets swept in our world.  Remember, life is about choices… YOU CHOOSE. Sometimes taking control of your life means shutting the door on the storm you face.

(For more information follow up on some of Mollie’s blogs on “boundaries”)


Choose peace: Choosing peace means choosing your thoughts. Your thoughts control you. They decide how you feel. They decide whether you’ll stand strong or be blown away in the storm. Your thoughts are powerful. What will you choose to think about? I suggest you choose life, positivity, and greatness!

I declare, that Christ made us all and that we are all more than conquerors… You will beat the storm, in the matchless name of Jesus! :)


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