Part II of “I Run This: Guard Your Heart!”

THE MOLLIE COLUMN!!! ….Part II of “I Run This: Guard Your Heart!” Sooo…in the last post, I didn’t get a chance to share all of my findings on establishing boundaries and guarding my heart. I decided a part two was in order. Yes, it’s really that serious! :)
Let’s dive right in!
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I Run This Show!: “Guarding My Heart!”

THE MOLLIE COLUMN!!!: As a follow up from my last post about questions after college, I thought it would be good to discuss setting boundaries for oneself. I believe we’ve all faced dissatisfying moments in life that could have been avoided just by GUARDING OUR HEARTS. Continue Reading

Question, Questions, Questions!!!

THE MOLLIE COLUMN: With the holiday season being in full effect, you’re bound to get hit up with plenty of questions regarding life, relationships, career, finances, etc. Everybody’s getting engaged, graduating, and setting New Year’s resolutions…but in your eyes, not much is shaking for you. Don’t be discouraged and don’t hide from the crowd…God will cover you and give you the right words to say at the right time. Let’s talk about some of the topics that come up and how to eliminate the unnecessary stress. Continue Reading

Go “Natural” in the Workplace! :)

THE MOLLIE COLUMN!!! : Now that so many have ditched the relaxer, they’re left with a head full of thick curls (or knots, lol) that they don’t know how to tame; especially for the sake of the workplace and/or grad school. I have learned that there are multiple ways one can wear their hair in the workplace and still look presentable! Continue Reading

Live, Learn…and stop complaining! :)

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Not happy with how fast your career is taking off?! Well I understand! One thing I’ve learned is that complaints only make things worst! Check out this article and learn how to WIN with the “No Complaints Challenge!” Continue Reading

Meet Mollie! :)

Meet Mollie!!! … Our Newest “Life After College” Blogger! Struggling with finding your “place” in life after college?! …Are you looking for your purpose and stepping out on God’s Divine plan for your life?!! … Well THIS is the column for you!! :)) Continue Reading