When Religion Becomes The Pits #TheMollieColumn

  Where’s Mollie? I remember when Elle asked me to be a contributing writer for The Elle Scoop in 2013, I was a little apprehensive, but soon realized the beauty and freedom in sharing my life with other Christians who were also… Continue Reading

Why I said YES…& then NO #MyDatingDonts #TheMollieColumn

Hi Scoopers!  Do you remember that last blog of mine where I discussed, “It’s Just an Innocent Date”?  Well ladies, I kinda sorta did it again.  I somehow managed to talk myself right into another “innocent” date that went wrong. … Continue Reading

Mollie’s Sew Yourself Fashionable!

THE MOLLIE COLUMN:   Inspired by something that you see online, but can’t find it in the store?  Well, I have just the solution for you! Sew it yourself!  Yep! That’s right, sew your own clothing and customize it the way… Continue Reading

MOLLIE’S: One Dress, Three Different Looks!

  THE MOLLIE COLUMN! One Dress, Three Different Looks!  Be comfortable, confident, sassy, and saved in your own skin :)   Do you have a favorite dress or outfit in your closet that can use some sprucing up?  Well, let me… Continue Reading

Encouragement for Every Season!

                      The Mollie Column: As graduation season comes to an end and “back to school” season approaches, I just want to encourage everyone to remember who holds your life in… Continue Reading

Mollie’s Recipe for Wontons and Smoothies!

THE MOLLIE COLUMN!!! As I was browsing Pinterest the other day, I came across a smoothie that appeared to be delicious! It was packed with my favorite fruits- pineapple and banana! The great thing about this smoothie is the simplicity behind making it. Continue Reading