Say Hello To My Newest Love! :)

  Say HELLO my newest piece of Music Candy! I absolutely love this song! It was shared with me by a friend and my heart immediately fell in love! The song is called BEAUTIFUL DAY! by Jamie Grace! It totally reminds me… Continue Reading

So When I Turn 30…. I’ll Still Be Young, Right?

Ew. Look at her …she’s 30. Yup, that’s pretty much how I felt. For me, turning 30  feels like I being lead against my will down a road with a big RED sign that reads “OLD AND BORING,” and let’s be real, a part of me fears… Continue Reading

To all the Brides…Here’s your Groom :)

GET SCOOPED ON THIS VIDEO! :)   Check this video out! It’s called “Ready or Not” and was created by the Passion 4 Christ Movement It’s awesome totally worth your time watching. I love how they capture Christ’s love for us,… Continue Reading


 #GETSCOOPED: If there’s anything I’ve learned over the last two years it’s that LIFE IS FULL OF CHOICES AND ITS OUR CHOICE TO CHOOSE OUR VICTORY. Are you in a storm? … Choose your reaction, choose your boundaries, and choose… Continue Reading

What’s Jamming on Elle’s Stereo! :)

                        So ladies, here’s what I’ve been jamming in my car, at the gym, in my office etc.! I love music with different sounds and genres. Please check out and… Continue Reading


We often wonder when God doesn’t move quick enough whether or not he hears us and we contemplate whether or not He even cares. When days turn to weeks, and weeks turn to months and months turn to years we begin to question: “How can God see my tears, hear my cries, know my heart and leave me HERE?!… He obviously doesn’t care.” Continue Reading

A girl’s guide to moving forward!

GET SCOOPED: All too often we allow circumstances, situations, people, broken relationships, and friendships to keep us in bondage. Friendships that went awry, misunderstandings, miscommunications etc. can often leave us in a stagnant state- unsure of what to do with the relationship and unsure how to let go of the cloud of funk that it left behind. Continue Reading

SooOoo Are you going to LOVE YOU?… or HATE YOU?

GET SCOOPED! :)) Got the feeling that things aren’t working all that great in your favor? Are your circumstances tearing down your walls of confidence and leaving you feeling far less than great about yourself? OPEN YOUR EYES. Continue Reading

Got Savings?… Nope? lol

#GetScooped: We all have goals in life. Some of us want to own a home; others want to buy a new car, travel the global, or to even be financially stable enough to be able to spend your next pay check on building a youth center for your church, buying clothes for the homeless, or feeding those whose bellies are empty. I’m saying all this to say that if we don’t start putting together a plan for some of our desires; we may not ever have them. Continue Reading