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As my relationship with God grows I’m realizing that I can no longer pick and choose how I will serve Him. Yes, God you can have control of my finances; yes, you can have control in my relationships; yes, you can have my heart, and yes you can take control of my life …however, here are the guidelines:  you can’t humiliate me, and you can’t make me uncomfortable. Period.

My relationship with God was what I like to call: Buffet Style.

Sure, I loved God … but I wasn’t down for public embarrassment. I’d write about Him on my blog posts, I’d put Him all over my Instagram page, upload Him all over my Facebook, and I’d meet Him at the altar every Sunday to give Him my love and worship …. But I wasn’t down for stopping people in random places, like Wal-Mart, if prompted by God, to ask them if I could pray for them. I mean, “WHO DOES THAT?!”  In all my love for Jesus, I found it to be a little…well, weird. So I decided that that type of “street ministry” wasn’t going to be my thing. If someone wanted prayer, they were just going to have to ask me for it, period.

For me, there was a certain humiliation level that I didn’t want to reach, and most of it came from fear. What if they didn’t want my prayers? What if my introduction of Jesus in this public place made everyone uncomfortable?  And most importantly, what if everyone thought I was weird?

Let’s back track for a minute, so I can give you some background information. Last year I started attending a new church. A church full of young excited individuals who loved God that didn’t care how ridiculous they looked serving Him. It kind of freaked me out a bit at first. I remember one Sunday in particular, there was a young man, I’d never seen him before, that came to re-dedicate his life to Christ. He went up to the altar and fell before God on his knees and worshipped. As he worshipped, another young man, from the other side of the room got out of his seat and came to the altar and got on his knees with him and prayed for this young man until both of their eyes were full of tears. I remember thinking “Wow, that’s AMAZINGLY RADICAL. I’m never going to do that.”


As I continued attending this “radical” church, I begin to see that those who really loved God, had no problem representing Him.  Anywhere.  More than anything, I started to see that those who were bold for Christ, got bold results, and that the people they helped were happy and thankful for their bold witnessing. They were changing lives and I got to see it first-hand. As a matter of fact, their witnessing changed me.  

My relationship with Him was no longer going to be a buffet.

I nervously began stepping out onto the water, out of my comfort zone. First, I started with my family and friends. Baby steps.  If I could pray out loud with them then I could pray for strangers I would never see again. I started going out with my church group to pray for people in the community for an hour or two on the weekends. After a while it became easier. After months of practicing, it became more of a desire to share Christ than a project to shed my fear of public humiliation. I was starting to see that my prayers really did have power and that my willingness to be obedient and useful was a large part of God’s plan for someone else’s healing and deliverance. Knowing that God had changed my life for the better but not sharing His love when He needed or asked me to was selfish on my part.

It became clear to me that stepping out wasn’t about being bold. It was about loving God more than I loved my personal image. It was about letting go of the limitations I had placed on my Christianity. I was God’s hands and feet on Earth; saved to share the Kingdom of Heaven with anyone with a heart to receive it. I was Christ’s ambassador. We all are.  Some will never make it into the church walls, some will never encounter the level of faith God has placed in you, and some just need proof of God’s power and sovereignty. God wants people outside of church, and He wants to use you to bring them in. Are you willing to be used?

I hope this blesses your heart :) #GetScooped


Today’s Reflection: If God asked you to take him public, at Wal-Mart or even at a gas station, would you do it? Would you stop and pray out loud with those He prompted you to? Or would you quietly return to your car and drive away without sharing His power and His love?  

If so, ask God to help you step out. We may not get it perfect the first time, but God’s biggest desire is a willing heart that abides by his prompting :)



As Always,

Elle Scoop  #ElleScoop




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