Achieve Your PERFECT Flexi-Rod Set – 5 DO’s & DONT’S


Natural hair enthusiast JARDAN PAIGE is at it again, mastering the ever-so-fabulous flexi-rod curl! Check out her tips on how to PERFECT this style for your own hair! ONLY ON THE ELLESCOOP :)
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1. Prepare your hair. Flexi-rods can be used on wet or dry hair. For the purpose of this look, @jardanp started with freshly cleaned, wet hair. She used Creme of nature shampoo and conditioner. Make sure that once the hair is clean, it remains wet through the rodding process. it is always good to keep a spray bottle handy! For setting, choose a product with moisture and hold such as Blueberry Bliss Curl Jelly by
2. Detangle! Detangle each section of hair before rodding. This will ensure a smooth, healthy looking curl pattern. 
3. Dry! Be sure to only do this style when you have time for drying… And plenty of it. For this set, @jardanp sat under the dryer for 2.5 hours. For longer, thicker hair You will need longer. 
4. Unravel with care. use an oil such as Garnier Fructis to separate the curls. This will help to reduce frizz and add shine!



5. Pineapple! Pineappling your hair is the best way to sleep with this style. Turn your head upside down and use a silk scarf to wrap around your hair, tying in the back. All of your hair should be coming out of the top of the scarf. 


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1. Let your hair air dry. After washing, keep hair wet! The more moisture the better as this will help the hair stick to the rod. 
2. Add too much product! A dime size per section will do. Smooth the product onto your hands and throughout the hair while de-tangling. Then rod section by section, adding product as you go!
3. Don’t unravel prematurely. If this is your first time, be sure to sit under the dryer for the minimum time suggested. Unraveling when hair is still damp is a “no no”!
4. Sleep in the rods. It’s painful, just don’t do it. 
5. Over do it. Once your hair is dry and unraveled, take your time to separate the curls carefully but once you are finished, hands off! Too much handling will add frizz. 
Happy rodding!
 – Jardan Paige – Follow her on Instagram @JardanP

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