Live, Learn…and stop complaining! :)

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Hi Ladies!!  I am extremely excited about this first post!  It is my prayer that you all enjoy it, but most of all, I pray you walk away with something to think about.  Especially you career women and recent grads! :)


Do you ever feel like, “I just graduated college, now what?  This is not where I’m supposed to be?  I went to college and I have two degrees, I should be farther along in my career than this!  I should be making at least $70,000 right now, I mean, after all I do hold a Specialist Degree!  This little job? I’m above thisGod this is not what I want to do, can’t I just move on?”  

So many times we look at our current positions in life and get frustrated because we “feel” like we should be doing so much more.  Well, let me tell you what I’ve learned.  God knows exactly where you’re going and why.  He understands that you have all of these degrees and/or training, but His purpose is to humble us, make us faithful over small things and then elevate us into greater territory.  Be still and rest in Him.  Trust, He’s not going to fail you.


All of the comments we make, such as those listed above, eventually lead us to two things…complaining and discontentment.  Follow Paul’s lead,“…for I have learned how to be content with whatever I have.”  Philippians 4:11, NLT.


Be content with your portion, you’ll be amazed at the blessings and lessons you will reap in this season!


I graduated from college three years ago and have learned so much about my life, my spiritual walk, and myself since I’ve been out.  Things I wouldn’t have learned anywhere else in life.  So, I know exactly what you’re going through sis!


One thing that God is really helping me understand is complaining is prohibited for the Christian woman!  Philippians 2:14 in NLT says, “Do everything without complaining and arguing.”  This means none. Nada!  Besides, complaining doesn’t change your circumstance, it only makes you more frustrated about whatever it is you’re facing (class, job, living with your parents-Ugh!, etc).  Many times, we are so moved by our circumstances or negative people around us that we fall victim to that ol’ complaining spirit.  Bind that up ladies!  We do not have to submit to our emotions. 


In turn, we should ask God to reveal to us our purpose for being in the workplace and focus on that alone; anything else is a distraction.  You might say, “Well, Mollie God hasn’t shown me why I’m at this job, I just dislike being there.”  In that case, use this time to be a light, regardless.  There’s always someone you can minister to and there’s always going to be a situation that you can learn from; even if that means learning how to stop complaining. 


So, here’s the challenge I want to propose to you that God showed me.  There are 35 days left until the end of the year.  Use the remainder of the year to give thanks to God, make it a habit.  Every time you get ready to complain think of something you can thank God for.  Thank Him for the job that you despise, thank Him that you can take a dull experience and learn from it.  After all, it’s those experiences that build our character, right?!

Right! >>>>>> James 1:2-4.  Allow God to use this time after college to build you into a great, industrious woman.  I mean, seriously, who wants to be promoted to another position or to change careers without the proper training or tools to be successful?!  That’s just another headache waiting to happen!  I want to be fully prepared for whatever God has in line for me next.  First Lady Michelle Obama didn’t become graceful and beautiful overnight and neither will we.  There’s a process for every gem that is created!


Accept the “No Complaints, Oh Give Thanks Challenge” today!  Exalt God for all he has done and will do!  Love you ladies!


Graciously Learning and Living through Christ,



– Mollie







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