Eleven Habits That Are Giving You Acne

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While a bad breakout no longer “ruins your life” like it did in high school, it’s still embarrassing and frustrating. So why are you still suffering from breakouts? Acne-prone people are born with about four to five times more skin cells than the average person, and produce more oil than the average person as well, and  it’s the combination of these factors that are at the initial root of the problem. But there are other sneakier, under-the-radar ways that you could be irritating your skin as well — ways you aren’t even aware of. So if you’re at a loss as to why you’re getting zits, the culprit may likely be your daily routine





There are certain ingredients lurking in the makeup and sunscreen you’re slathering on that can cause you to break out. This this doesn’t mean you have to forgo your foundation, or stop applying SPF (please don’t!), but you do need to keep a watchful eye on product labels. 


 Avoid these known acne offenders:

Artificial Color — Look for FD&C in the ingredients list, which means the product has artificial color. This can irritate the skin and if it’s in your lipstick or blush, it can cause breakouts around your mouth or on your cheeks.

Lanolin — This is basically the fancy term for sheep sebum (sebum = oil) and while it can be good for dry skin, it’s not good for acne-prone skin.

Mineral Oil — This forms a film on your skin, trapping dead skin cells and bacteria (prime causes of acne) and it can also give you milia, those tiny white bumps on your skin.

Petroleum — This is oil (but not the helpful one) as you may have guessed, which you should not be  putting on your face.

Isopropyl Myristate — This aids in making your skin feel less greasy, but it also clogs pores, causes skin irritation and may be the cause of your milia (those tiny, un-poppable white bumps)

Artificial Fragrance — This can irritate your skin and cause breakouts. In general, try to use as many fragrance free products as possible.                         



Contrary to popular belief, sucking all the oil and moisture out of your face is a sure-fire way to irritate your skin. Logically, it may seem like a good idea to dry out oily skin with harsh cleansers, soap, and alcohol-based toners — and skimp on the moisturizer — well, that actually does more harm than good!

Scientifically, drying out your skin will actually cause it to go into panic mode and produce more oil. Here’s the thing, your skin naturally tries to correct itself, therefore if it feels dry, it will try to balance the situation by over producing more oil, continuing the vicious cycle.

 Be gentle with your skin and keep it hydrated (more water intake both internally and topically in the form of your moisturizer.) Try using a cleanser made specifically for acne-prone skin but follow it up with a hydrating toner and a water based moisturizer, so your skin doesn’t freak out and up the oil ante. You can also use a mattifying moisturizer, especially on shiny areas during the day to soak up oil without over-drying your skin.

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So what is pressure-induced acne? It’s exactly what it sounds like — acne caused by physical pressure on your face, be it from the cell phone you are constantly on, or simply a hand resting on your face as you glare into the TV or computer screen (this is a MAJOR one for most people). This pressure not only exposes your skin to loads of bacteria, but the actual force of this bacteria against your face will cause you to break out.

 The solution*GLAM TIP*: Clean the screen of your cell phone with an alcohol wipe or with a tissue dipped in A LITTLE BIT of alcohol, then wipe dry.  Your cell phone will not only be bacteria free, but will also look like new again! I suggest always going hands free with your cell. But if you really can’t avoid it, at least be diligent about cleaning surfaces well and often to minimize bacteria. 

As far as putting your hands in your face-DON’T DO IT! It’s really hard to break the habit (trust me, I know!) But, make a commitment to yourself and your skin to stop.   It’s the best thing you can do for your skin! <3



13-habits-zits-04- wynter

So, you’re already aware that stress gets your heart racing, your stomach churning, and causes wrinkles — but did you know that it also increases the hormones that can cause acne? So sad, but true. What I’m saying is, in your mind.. visualize yourself chilling out, and actively do things to relax yourself and minimize the drama.

Easy Ways to Reduce Stress:

 1.) PRAY Prayer changes things! There’s nothing more comforting than knowing God has EVERYTHING under control! :) So seek FIRST the Kingdom of God and all of {your needs} will be taken care of – Matthew 6:25- 34 (paraphrased)

 2.) Bake Up A Batch  When you’re cracking the eggs, mixing the ingredients and spooning the gooey goodness onto a cookie sheet, let your mind focus on happier, sweeter thoughts — and take a moment to sniff in the sweetness.

 3.) Exercise- A session of sweating will refresh you inside and out, to diminish stress and create a balance of calm :)

 4.) Breathe Deeply– This is an old standby, but honestly girls.. it works! Take just a minute to do some deep breathing (perfect for when you feel like you’re about to explode in your cubicle). We often hold our breath when we’re tense, so releasing a deep breath will instantly create a sense of calm. Inhale deeply for 5 long seconds, and Exhale deeply for the same.  Do 10 reps of this and I guarantee you’ll feel more serene than when you first began! 

 5.) Mask– That’s right ladies, apply a mask on your face, and you’ll be on your way to looking and feeling mahhvelous.  Just be sure to use something that will help acne prone skin such as Mint, Tea Tree, Eucalyptus, etc.

 6.) Journaling– Jot it out.  That’s right! Do it the way that works best for you — typing, sketching, pen to paper writing, etc. Regardless, I recommend jotting down your feelings — then waiting an hour or two — and reading them aloud to help put your list of tough moments/things into perspective and gain new insight. It’s a journey of self-diagnosis, and a guaranteed buster of stress.

 7.) Shop to Detox– Retail therapy has a place in every woman’s life — when put to power properly. Rather than buying a new pair of $800 platforms, treat yourself to a few simple pleasures that offer massive emotional payoff like a new lipstick or nail polish in an of-the-season, fun hue!



istock_rm_photo_of_asian_woman_sleeping- wynter

As if your dirty laundry isn’t annoying enough to deal with, it could also be causing your acne. Hear me out: Your face lies on your pillowcase for hours at a time, and if it’s not clean, you’re basically rolling around in a bunch of dead skin cells and bacteria (Eeew, I know.. but I need you girls to visualize this). As for that towel of yours? If it’s not fresh from the dryer, (or used for no more than 3 days), you could be wiping germs all over your freshly cleansed skin.  Now I’m not saying use a different towel everyday, but during a 7 day week you should have gone through 2 face towels.  Make sense?  Also, keep in mind that a lot of detergents and fabric softeners contain fragrance that may cause irritation as well. 


*Glam Tip* the hair scarf you sleep in nightly should be washed once a week girls! Don’t cheat yourself, believe me, your forehead and temples will show it! <3



vain_hair-products- wynter

 Many people don’t think about how their hair products can cause acne, but think about how often your hair touches your face (even more risky if you wear straight or side-swept bangs).  Remember that unless you are washing your hair every night before bed, all that product is transferring onto your pillow.

 While hydrating oils and serums are great for the health of your hair, they are a sure fire sign of breakout to come, when in contact with the skin.   So if you want to wear your hair down, try to steer clear of products with those ingredients. Or, if your hair needs oil for hydration avoid wearing it on your face the day you apply the oil, instead, wear it all down (with or without bangs) a couple of days after the oil has had time to penetrate the scalp and no longer leaves it’s shiny (amazing) residue on your hair! 




THIS SO HUGE, and we’ve talked about it before!  Your makeup tools are crawling with bacteria and dead skin cells, making them absolute zit factories. Remember to only use a makeup sponge once (dispose of after) and clean your brushes after each use with brush cleanser and  once a week with a mild (non-hydrating) shampoo. This will keep them germ free — and your skin clear.



13-habits-zits-08- Wynter

 OK, so you’ve heard rumors that foods like chocolate and french fries are practically guaranteed to give you zits, but the good news (kinda) is that’s not totally true.

 Also, some people, though they might not know it, actually have allergies to foods such as chocolate, wheat, or dairy which cause them to break out. So, if you notice your skin goes nuts after a bagel binge or cookie dough ice cream, take a break from these foods and see what happens.  It’s an overall unhealthy diet that effects your skin.  Having a diet with a high glycemic index, which is caused by frequently eating foods known to spike your blood sugar levels (like refined sugar, white bread, pastas, and fried foods), will mess with your body and can cause acne. So if you are eat these foods occasionally, it’s not likely the cause for your breakouts.

 But, if you find yourself eating these everyday.. cut back!



13-habits-zits-11- Wynter

We talked about how fragrances in your makeup and detergent can cause acne, your perfume can cause skin irritation too. Make sure to avoid your face when spritzing fragrance. An easy way to do this is to spray perfume on your wrists (instead of directly on your neck), then rub them against your décolletage (French for “chest”) and neck to spread the fragrance. Also try to steer clear of using bath and shower products with added fragrance on your face.  Although they leave a lingering trail-which is great for your body-Do not use around/on the face!  Got it?



Listen, let’s not pretend like it’s not super tempting after a long day (especially if you’ve hit a happy hour) to just slide into bed without washing and treating your face. But when you fall off the wagon and skip your cleansing, it un-does all the progress you’ve made with your skin. It’s important to establish a daily routine and to stick with it — no matter what’s going on.

Every night you should be using a rinse-off cleanser, a hydrating toner and light moisturizer, and if your acne occurs more than twice a month, use a treatment with salicylic acid or benzoyl peroxide. (you can also use these ingredients just to spot treat random, current breakouts.)AAAACwmMg6IAAAAAAIxL4A- Wynter


These are Neutrogena Makeup Wipes; but CVS, Dermologica-they all work the same. The key is to make sure they say “makeup wipes” and not “cleansing towelettes!”


If you really can’t make it to the sink for your routine, keep a pack of skin clearing/ makeup remover facial wipes near your bed, like I do and use nightly.  If it’s near your bed (..and I mean within hand’s reach) you will be more likely to use them.  Brand doesn’t matter, just do it! NO EXCUSES Girls!! <3  

By the way, don’t get frustrated with a current acne treatment routine, as it takes about a month to see improvement in your skin.




13-habits-zits-13- wynter

We’ve all heard that the sun dries out your skin even though UV rays have an antibacterial element. But, baking in the sun is not a sufficient way to clear up acne. And remember, over-drying your skin will cause it to produce more oil, not less.

 Also, tanning causes your skin to increase cell production (which means more dead skin cells — the very thing we are trying to avoid). So while your skin might be a bit more clear at first, tanning will eventually cause more breakouts — not to mention an increased risk of cancer and lots of premature wrinkles as you age. Just remember, the effects of sun damage don’t show up for 15 years or more. While you are basquing at 30 you won’t see it until your 50’s, (this is why it’s important to start an anti-aging regime in your late 20’s- early 30’s. to counteract the math)  because realistically, you’ve been tanning since your early teens.  Scary huh?

Hopefully, after reading this you will become more aware that yes, acne is mostly contributed to genetics however there are things we do everyday to aggitate it, and for those of us who are not prone to acne, we are actually creating it! I’m not asking for you to make a complete turnaround in one day, as it’s impossible to reverse years of habit.  I AM asking you to become more aware of these habits and actively work on changing/stopping them! Is that a deal?  Trust me, I know it’s hard but it’s soo worth it! If you have questions or need support (which you likely will) I’m just an email or phone call away girls! WE CAN DO THIS!

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  1. Ok Ms. Wynter I have a question! I only seem to get acne around that “special” time of the month. Is there a way to prevent the acne from arriving every month? Would a mask be more helpful in this situation? What product do you recommend for a mask, that is t drying? I need help makeup and facial care is not my expertise

    • Hey Aisha!

      While there is no way to prevent breakouts from showing up around that “special” time, you can do things to ensure your skin is properly balanced which will serve as a stable foundation for when those pesky little blemishes do come.

      For starters, you can use a gel cleanser, and gel moisturizer (such as the Garnier one suggested above), and ALWAYS, ALWAYS use a scrub twice a week to aid in skin rejuvenation which improves tone and texture.

      I would suggest my old stand-by’s, which is “St. Ives Apricot Scrub” it’s awesome and can be found in every drugstore, and even most grocery stores!

      Outside of that, I’ve recently started using “Aztec Secret Indian Clay Deep Pore Cleansing Mask” IT’S AMAAAAAZING!! I got it from Amazon and am #Obsessed!

      With the combination of a gel cleaner, gel moisturizer, the St. Ives scrub, and the Clay Mask, your skin will be armed and ready for whatever comes it’s way! :)

      Hope this helps and keep me posted on your journey for sure!

      If you (or anyone reading this) have any additional questions- hit me up!! 240.604.6042 (cell) , or on my email info@VivianWynter.com.

      I offer FaceTime and Skype sessions for clients all around the world.
      Here to help you Put Your Best Face Forward! <3 :)
      -Vivian Wynter

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